Travel update: The warm heart of Africa

There is nothing more exciting to an intrepid explorer than the idea of finding an undiscovered destination. Be it a remote sandy beach on a private island to forests and jungles bursting with wildlife. Africa is one of those glorious places where you can do just that. read more >

Travel update: Drinking Um Bongo in the Congo

The more I visit Africa the longer my bucket list gets, however for my latest adventure I was heading straight to the top of the list and heading to the Congo. I imagine this will conjure a mixed bag of responses (as it did from my family and friends) however for me this was a trip of a lifetime. read more >

Travel update: Chloe plays tourist in Tanzania

My education on East Africa continues and this time I was off to Tanzania. A firm favourite with clients and it would be the first time I would be spending a little time on the beach and not just in the bush! Playing the role of a tourist, we were to spend 9 days on a whistle stop tour of the northern circuit and 5 days on the famous spice island. This time I was lucky enough to take my boyfriend David along which is much like wondering if you should take children. read more >

Travel update: Apes, lakes and tree climbing lions, Chloe discovers Uganda

“If you can only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa …. Twice” R.Elliot
Somewhat a motto of mine, having just got back from an educational trip, I would change it slightly to visiting Uganda, twice. I am already desperate to go again. read more >

Travel Update: Vicky is charmed by South Africa

My heart was stolen long ago by the wild plains and mountains of East Africa, and as a result I've been leaving it to others in the office to make the trips to South Africa in recent years. A three-line whip to attend a trade show somewhat forced my hand however, and between possibly my best-ever African sunsets (and I've seen a few), beautiful wild places and magnified game encounters, I was utterly charmed by some of the Cape's hidden nooks and crannies. read more >

Travel Update: Vicky feels the heat in South Luangwa and Lake Malawi

Phew the heat of the Luangwa Valley was something else. As I lay outside my hut hoping for a slight breeze to stifle the oppressive heat I imagined myself in a Wilbur Smith novel, though there was no Sean Courtney to run to my aid and our lodge surroundings were a little more hospitable than the wild territories of the adventure books. read more >

Travel Update: Camping, canoes and cats: The twins tour Botswana

Having caught the African travel bug myself I thought it would be a good time to introduce my twin sister into the exciting adventures of safari-ing in Africa. For Lucy's first safari and first trip to Africa I threw her in at the deep end with a camping tour of Botswana with Wilderness Safaris. Although more than familiar with a tent myself, this was also my first trip to Botswana and I was really looking forward to the combination of wheels, walking and water when it came to animal viewing. read more >

Travel Update: Settle down with a cuppa and enjoy Chloe’s safari adventure in Kenya

June is an exciting time in Kenya, the rains are due to finish and the migration is due to start. At the very beginning of June I left sunny Scotland (no truly) and embarked on an exciting and slightly wet tour of some of Kenya’s most famous parks. Rain isn’t the first weather type you would expect visiting Africa, however it is vital for plant growth and water sources and makes a dramatic backdrop for photographers (of which we met many). read more >

Travel Update: Susannah's highs and falls in Livingstone

Yes! That's me jumping into Devil's Pool at the top of the drop of Victoria Falls! I used to be an adventurer, but the arrival of children has made me so much more cautious. I think of all the things I'll tell them not to do when they go off on their travels - and I'm pretty sure one them will be 'Don't jump off (or anywhere near) waterfalls’ – let alone the Victoria Falls. read more >

Travel Update: Vicky's pre-winter warmer in Mozambique

I am very glad that Mozambique has nearly 3,000km of coast line as it means there are always new places to explore and discover. The only thing is most of the lodges are pretty remote so you do need to make that extra effort to get there. But in my experience its always worth it . My pre- winter Mozambique warmer was to the area around the UNESCO heritage site of Ilha de Mocambique. read more >

Travel Update: Wine and the City - Susannah visits Cape Town and the Winelands

A huge fan of good food and wine, and an equal desire to earn it through exercise and fresh air, I couldn’t have been in better territory than the Cape and its Winelands on my recent trip to South Africa. A tantalising mix of Europe and Africa, Cape Town has an alluring restaurant scene and cornucopia of activities within easy reach of its many stunning boutique-y hotels. read more >

Travel Update: Susannah is let loose in Lamu

Fishy smells, a medley of narrow streets with people and donkeys jostling for space and decaying buildings are hardly the ingredients of a desirable holiday destination but there’s something rather irresistible about Lamu, the trendy hang-out on Kenya’s north coast. read more >

Travel Update: Susannah souks up Morocco’s exotic charm

A short 4 hour hop from Edinburgh on Ryan Air (from just £80 return!) takes us from the snowy streets of Edinburgh to the seductive exoticism of Marrakech’s busy souks, where we spent a couple of nights of shopping and sightseeing before recovering in the mountains and by the sea. read more >

Travel Update: Gone to the Dogs: Vicky hunts with Kwando's resident pack

Have you ever hunted with wild dogs ...? I gave it a go at Kwando's Lagoon Camp in Botswana this year and what an experience, definitely not for the faint hearted! Kwando have armour plated their vehicles so they can follow the dogs over rough ground and areas thick with bushes. read more >

Travel Update : Beasts, Bugs and Bungee Jumps - Vicky’s family trip to Botswana

I wouldn’t usually leave Edinburgh and the festival during August, but when my brother Archie asked if I would come with him to introduce his kids to the African bush, I reckoned the festival wouldn’t miss me for a year. He wanted an experience they would remember, and one, at 11, 15 and 17, they would all enjoy. A few days in the activity-filled Victoria Falls combined with a self-drive in Botswana immediately sprung to mind. read more >

An update from Oria Douglas Hamilton on the Samburu Floods

"Luckily, we managed to get out and no one was lost, though all our possessions went with the water. Have been through a lot in the last months, BUT thanks to the generosity of some of our clients and the huge support and work by all the staff, we are rising fast out of the quagmire and will re-open end May". read more >

Susan Dudgeon reports on her visit to Senegal with Farside Africa

"We had travelled several times to East and Southern Africa with Farside Africa, so when we read an article about Senegal’s amazing beaches and culture, we contacted Farside to see what they could do. Vicky hadn’t been to Senegal in a number of years and hadn’t ever sent clients there but she enthused about the beauty of the country and its people so we decided to be the guinea pigs!" read more >

First Hand: Fleeing the Samburu Floods

By Trish Strachan, who travelled to Kenya with Farside Africa in
March 2010

"We watched helplessly as tents and equipment were washed away and only the thatched roofs remained of the research facility above the water. Over the radio we heard Oria call in help from local helicopters. The morning wore on, hot and sunny, as we watched the water rising, carrying debris, and helicopters circling overhead." read more >

New luxury wilderness lodge opening west of Mount Kenya

A new luxury lodge is opening on Solio Game Reserve, just west of Mount Kenya, in July 2010. The reserve is recognised as the most successful private rhinoceros breeding reserve in Kenya, as well as being home to numerous other wildlife species. The lodge will have six stylish cottages, and will offer an alternative wilderness and wildlife experience in a beautiful part of the country. Contact us for further details.

Travel Update: Vicky goes camping in Uganda

Electric storms, vibrant markets, tree-climbing lions and copulating gorillas...Vicky sees it all in Africa’s green and verdant heart
" I am sitting in my tent watching an amazing electric storm and listening to angry thunder rolling around the mountains of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda- well I was last week, this week, sadly, I am back in the office. I returned to Uganda earlier this month having worked there 11 years ago helping to train the staff at Semliki Safari Lodge, and it was a well overdue visit to probably one of my favourite countries in Africa. " read more >

Lion ahoy! Safari aboard the new luxury Zambezi Queen

The Zambezi Queen is an elegant new luxury riverboat launched on Botswana and Namibia’s Chobe River in November 2009. Offering a new and distinctive luxury game viewing experience on both land and water, the 45-metre luxury riverboat has 14 stylish suites and offers varied two- and three-night safaris along the banks of the world famous Chobe National Park which boasts one of the densest populations of wildlife in Africa with over 120,000 elephants and over 400 species of bird. more info >

What’s Cooking in the Karoo? Cookery holiday in South Africa

AFRICAN RELISH is a new and exciting holiday for culinary travellers and food lovers offering week-long cookery breaks in Prince Albert, a historic and beautiful town in the Western Cape. Drawing on the rich and diverse local knowledge, and hundreds of years of local and colonial food traditions, it includes interactive cookery classes with celebrity chefs from around South Africa and various epicurean activities including visits to vineyards and brandy distilleries, fruit picking and drying, and cheese-making. more info >

8 night walking safari in the Matthews' range, Kenya

This 8-day walking safari gives you the opportunity to experience a truly wild and beautiful corner of Kenya, seeing the landscape and the wildlife from a different perspective. Walking every day with camels, which carry your tents and luggage, and local guides, it takes you to the high and the low country of the dramatic Matthew’s range. En route you may see a variety of wildlife including elephant, Reticulated Giraffe, buffalo, wild dog and a recently discovered population of DeBraza Monkeys, a species thought only to exist west of the Rift Valley. more info >

Travel Update: Vicky explores the beaches and culture of Northern Mozambique

I first visited Mozambique in 1996, just after the civil war had finished and the country had basically been decimated, burnt out tanks and lorries littered the broken roads, blown up bridges cut off whole areas, families were torn apart by war and poverty was rife. Over the years I have ventured back seeing the country stabilise and the growth of tourism in the southern part of the country. But in the past few years there have been exciting developments 2000 kilometres further north near to the Tanzania border. more info >

Kitesurf in Zanzibar

Learn and enjoy the exhilarating sport of kitesurfing in the warm, blue waters off Zanzibar. Covering the whole of the east coast, Kitecentre Zanzibar, the first kitesurfing school in Tanzania has three centres in Paje, Matemwe and Kiwengwa, Nungwi. The instructors have over nine years' experience and teach all levels from beginner to professional. more info >

Explore Gorongosa: An Exciting New Safari Destination in Mozambique

Be one of the first to visit Gorongosa National Park, which is one of the most exciting travel destinations in Mozambique at the moment. With excellent birding, fascinating ecology and history, the re-introduction of big game, and a young and dynamic team pioneering the first private ecotourism initiative, Explore Gorongosa, this National Park is a new gem on the African safari circuit. more info >

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