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Self drive

Africa’s stunning and varied landscape makes the perfect backdrop for the road trip of a lifetime.

New roads and infrastructure across many African counties make self-drive holidays far more accessible and comfortable than ever before and is a great way to explore and experience the wonders of Africa at your own pace.

South Africa is a popular self-drive destination, with its safari adventures, beautiful Winelands, exciting cities, and spectacular coastline. We can arrange a route and book the hotels and you have the time and days to explore the areas at your own speed.

Self-drive in fully-equipped safari vehicles with camping equipment and roof tents are becoming more and more popular. Southern African countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Zambia have great campsites and facilities and if you have a little more time a great way for the adventurous to explore Africa. We can help with a route and booking campsites along the way and then you have the fun of negotiating the mud and sandy roads in the national parks. If you are a little worried you can join a small group with a guide in his own vehicle.

A bespoke self-drive itinerary will let you explore, safe in the knowledge that your accommodation and activities have been arranged in advance, or camping facilities provided, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

Did you know?

  • Morocco is a fun country to explore and we can book riads and kashahs for you along the way.
  • Watch your speed as you can be given on the spot fines.
  • If you see branches on the road it usually means a breakdown ahead.
  • Try not to drive at night as people and animals use the roads as footpaths.
  • Plan your journey before you set off and leave plenty of time.
  • Take local advice on the best routes.
  • Don’t rely on satnav as it could take you the most direct route through some places best avoided. Always look at a map.
  • You don’t need to camp all the time – combine your nights under the stars with some luxury lodges.
  • It’s an idea to get windscreen and tyre excess insurance at home before you leave.

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