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The beauty and drama of Africa and its wildlife is a photographer’s dream, offering incredible photographic opportunities.

Many lodges across Africa offer great hides, tours, and facilities designed for keen amateurs through to professional photographers, with specialist safaris available which are run and guided by award-winning professional photographers. Let the experts share their special places and secret spots with you so you can capture on camera the wild beauty of Africa whilst honing your photography skills.

Photographic hides are becoming an increasingly popular way to observe wildlife whilst on safari and more and more hides are appearing in reserves across Africa. Man-made hides are structures built with the purpose of concealing and protecting views from the animals and birds giving you the best opportunities for capturing a wildlife moment that you won’t get anywhere else. They can be built from the simplest den made of logs but some of the best are made from large steel containers buried underground. They are usually positioned alongside a feature which attracts wildlife, such as a waterhole or riverbank.

Did you know?

  • Light aircraft in Africa have luggage weight restrictions, so depending on how much equipment you have its worth checking your allowance.
  • Check if the vehicles you will be travelling in are geared up for photography to ensure you don’t miss that perfect shot. See if they provide bean bags and how the vehicle is structured for your different clamps/tripods.
  • It might be an idea to book a private vehicle incase you are sharing with non-photographers.
  • Boat trip are great for different views and getting close to animals in the water.
  • Think of the time of year and the different seasons, mysterious dusty shots at the end of the dry but a great time is after the first rains with new shoots and flowers and usually the animals are giving birth.
  • Spend time just sitting at a water hole and see what comes by.
  • The African skies with billowing storms clouds make for great photography.

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