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Off the beaten track

Are you looking for something a little different? Why not immerse yourself in the culture, beauty and adventure of a trip that takes you off the beaten track?

Explore areas of Africa untouched by mass tourism with a bespoke itinerary that gives you a real flavour of Africa, its people, and the raw beauty of places few travellers get to experience. From the bustling markets of Senegal on the west coast to a flying safari over Namibia’s remote desert, there are so many amazing adventures just waiting for you to enjoy.

Did you know?

  • We can arrange small or larger group tours to amazing destinations such as Lake Turkana in Kenya or to witness the haunting beauty of the Skeleton Coast Safari in Namibia.
  • Discover the Republic of Congo with its lowland gorillas and forest-dwelling animals, so different to east and southern Africa.
  • You can feel like you have Africa to yourself if you travel in the low seasons.
  • Some of the best places in Africa are often reassuringly difficult to get to but don’t worry, we can get you there safely, and it will be well worth the trip!
  • One of our favourite escapes is to the extreme west of Tanzania in the Mahale Mountains National Park, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. It’s a magical place to see chimpanzees along with a variety of other primates, as well as birds, butterflies, warthog, bushbuck, porcupine and even the elusive pangolin.
  • West Africa isn’t the usual place to visit when you think of Africa but you can join a group tour or a tailored trip to these vibrant and mysterious countries with their amazing culture and festivals.

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