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Canoes & boats

Africa’s is famed for its stunning rivers, waterways, and lakes. A haven for wildlife, these routes are a picturesque lifeline for the animals and the local communities they support and a great way to experience Africa from a different perspective.

There are a great many diverse destinations and craft to choose from that offer the beauty, wildlife and adventure to make this a trip of a lifetime.

Explore the waterway ways of the Lower Zambezi on a multi-day canoe safari from Mana Pools in Zimbabwe or shorter day trips from the Zambian side. It’s the best way to see the animals from the water as you gently float downstream using the river current. In Botswana, a highlight is being gently poled through the Okavango Delta in a Merkoro which has been used for centuries by the Delta's locals.

Houseboats on Lake Kariba and the Chobe River are a unique way of living on the water in some comfort but with days trips in smaller crafts to get closer to the animals

Did you know?

  • Our canoe and boat safaris cater for short half-day trips or longer expeditions are available.
  • On longer trips, your camping equipment and supplies are carried along in waterproof drums and you’ll stay overnight making camp on suitable islands or beaches.
  • Canoe safaris require a certain level of fitness, but no previous experience is necessary.
  • Your canoe guides will bang the sides of canoes in areas known for hippos to let them know you are there.
  • You can try to pole a merkoro but be prepared to get wet as its a lot more difficult than the polers make it look.
  • Birding is fabulous from a mekoro or canoe.
  • Kayaking is available at many coastal destinations and is great for exploring hidden coves and mangrove forests.
  • Most lodges on the sea, lakes or rivers will have kayaks.

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