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Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket and number one safari destination in Africa, has had some testing times over the years.

However, as stability returns to Zimbabwe, investment in tourism is growing with new lodges being built in the main parks where the game viewing is excellent. Some of the smaller parks have suffered over the years, but game numbers are rising, and they remain the beautiful wilderness areas they always have been.

Did you know?

  • Zimbabwe has a warm climate year-round, though it can be quite cold in winter (especially June-August) in the early mornings and evenings.
  • October and November can be extremely hot especially in the Zambezi valley and the lowvelt, in the south.
  • The rainy season is usually from Nov to March, but the Eastern Highlands can be cool and damp for most of the year.
  • Guiding in Zimbabwe has always been some of the best in Africa, with rigorous guiding exams and only the very best become guides.
  • You can do some fabulous hiking in the Chimanimani mountains in the east of the country.
  • The little-visited Gonorazou National Park has some of the most spectacular scenery with the iconic Chilojo cliffs, wide meandering rivers, and extensive woodland with plenty of game.
  • There is great tiger fishing on the Zambezi River.
  • The Great Zimbabwe ruins set on a hill and surrounded by goldmines prove an ancient civilisation once lived here from the 11th-14th century.
  • The abandoned medieval stone city of Great Zimbabwe indicates that an ancient civilisation lived here between the 11th and 14th centuries. Little is known of the history but the intricacies of the buildings, which were built of stone with turrets, elegant stairways, and fully functioning drainage systems, are remarkable for their time. With 4000 gold mines and 500 copper mines in the area, it was certainly a prosperous time for the estimated 18000 people who lived there. 
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