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Mozambique has become the hot new destination in recent years for paradise beach seekers. It has a 2500km coastline running from Tanzania all the way down to South Africa.

There are  two stunning archipelagos which boast the most beautiful beaches with clear turquoise waters and pristine reefs with exceptional diving and snorkelling. There is more to Mozambique than just its beaches it had a rich trading history from the Omani sultans to the first Portuguese colonial settlers in the 16th century and you can see the faded glory of the Portugeuse in the capital Maputo but also in the old capial of Ilah de Mocambique and on Ibo Island. Game used to be prolific in Mozambique before the civil war but in Gorongosa National Park the government has joined with the Carr Foundation to try and restore the park to its former glory and help the communities who live around the park but its definitely a work in progress but the park is still very beautiful. 

Did you know?

  • Mozambique is a great beach destination after a safari in southern Africa.
  • There are direct flights from Kruger Mpumulanga airport to Vilanculos, gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago.
  • Coastal temperatures are high for most of the year, the hottest months are December to February, the cooler months are June to August. There is summer rainfall, from November to March, with occasional cyclones in February. 
  • The islands are mainly dry year round as the clouds build up when they hit mainland so the islands of Mozambique are really a year round destination.
  • You can swim and dive with whale sharks off Tofo beach from March to October.
  • Most of the lodges are remote and take a bit of time to get to but it’s worth it.
  • There are great hump back whale sightings all up the coast between late June and October.
  • There are very few reefs just off the beach but the two lodges where there are house reefs are Nuarro and Quilalea.
  • Mozambique was colonised by the Portugeuse for 470 years and won independence in 1975!
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When to go

When to go to Mozambique
Azura Benguerra Main Azura
Beautiful cove in Mozambique
Children playing in Mozambique
Birdlife in Mozambique
Kayaking past a dhow, Azura Benguerra
Luxury hotel room in Mozambique
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Diving and snorkelling
Desert islands
Still largely undeveloped

February 28, 2024

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