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Matthews Mountains

The stunning Matthews Mountain Range rises from the plains of northern Kenya, marking the gateway to Kenya’s rugged Northern Frontier. This is one of the wildest areas of Kenya, hiding lush riverine valleys and densely forested slopes deep in the heart of Northern Kenya’s arid desert.

The Matthews Mountain Range is home to a wealth of wildlife including herds of gazelle, and the rare Grevy’s zebra, as well as forest elephant, lion, buffalo, Colobus monkey, greater kudu, and leopard.

Exclusive, secluded and wild, the Matthews Mountains offers visitors the opportunity to stretch their legs and experience this beautiful place on foot, exploring the forest trails and mountain streams under the expert guidance of the Ndorobo Samburu guides. Easily one of East Africa’s premier walking safari locations, the Matthews Mountain Range is a feast for the senses.

Did you know?

  • The Matthews Mountains range is one of the few places that you can see the rare De Brazza Monkey.
  • Beautiful landscapes, perfect for keen photographers.
  • There are over 350 bird species in the mountain range.
  • An alternative destination offering a different safari experience away from the crowds.
  • There is an ancient tradition of the singing wells where the Samburu tribesmen dig into the dry river beds until they reach water and create a human chain to bring the water to the surface for their cattle. Throughout the warriors sing in unison to keep the rhythm of digging and passing up of the water. It’s a generations old tradition in the area and amazing to watch.
  • You can swim in natural rock pools fed by springs.
  • You must visit the Reteti elephant orphanage, a Samburu community owned and run sanctuary. Its main goal is to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned and abandoned elephants and, where possible, return them to the wild.
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Area highlights

Beautiful, secluded location 
Forest animals
Ancient trees and sparkling springs
Reteti elephant orphanage

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